The Wilce Structural Biology Laboratory

Jackie Wilce

A/Professor Jackie Wilce
Phone: 613 9902 9226
Fax: 613 9902 5000

Matthew Wilce

Professor Matthew Wilce
Principal Senior Research Fellow
Phone: 613 9902 9244
Fax: 613 9902 5000

Welcome to the Wilce Laboratory

The Laboratory is run jointly by Jackie Wilce and Matthew Wilce

Our research is concerned with undstanding molecular mechanisms in a number of key areas including:  

  • Control of gene expression at the level of mRNA

  • microbial systems, antibiotic resistance and the development of new antibiotics

  • Cancer Progression

  • Innate Immunity

  • Fluorescent Proteins

We are  a laboratory that utilizes a range of biophysical and computational tools to investigate atomic structure, and molecular interactions, in the above areas.

Please see our research page for more details.

We would like thank the ARC and NH&MRC for their support.